Want To Be Rich : Make Best Attitude : Part 1.

Want To Be Rich : Make Best Attitude


You should have a great Attitude as because each & every man wants to get success in this world. No One wants to be failure. But in course of life journey you meet such turning point where you get honest way (very hard & long) by which you will achieve success;   other is a dishonest way  where you will get success very easily. But this success never lasts for long time . So Dear soul mates Labour, Honesty, belivility is our integral part of life. This bears success and helps to continue its longibility. Labour, Honesty, belivility  means HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE.


What you do in your life, you should finish it  before time or in time and it is our duty and also committed. One who does not pay for time, success is far behind from him. As because time & tide waits for none.


What work you will do, may be bad or good, will be condemned by neighboring friend, relatives & foe. For example splcwo.org where you have registered yourself to earn by creating blog or through youtube ads. But when you will share this to another surely all will condemned like it’s a false, worth less, cheating or baseless etc. If you think this work is fitted to you then go ahead, just ignore the useless condemned. In all aspect of life   you should be prepare to overcome such obstacles.


From the very beginning of  the universe  GOD allotted 24 hours for all and here is no partiality according  to merit, wealth, money ,religion, etc.(Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani,Narendra Damodar Das Modi  even you ) No one is allotted a second extra time. Just 8 hours works  out of 24 hours  and the rest 16 hours we avail  by sleeping, eating, resting and  through a lot of entertainment. So dear soul mates  to get success  use at least  8 hours  in a day. So far I have no information that a successful man gets success by doing  less than 8 hours work  out of 24 hours.


If you are a successful man then this credit goes entirely to you. Same as for failure entire credit goes to you, no one will be blamed for such. For failure we blame others to keep safe oneself. For success we feel proud. So dear soul mates leave the habit of blaming others instead of own deficiency, Just start from zero and repeat again & again success has to come.


We all   have a tendency that we know everything, this is also an illusion & a bad practice. All should take lesson from another as because a man can never obtain all knowledge around the universe.  Remember dear though you are a successful man but when you will show less energy on learning more ,you must be failure again. So dear soul mates to continue success in life you have to learn always from others or by own encouragement. We know that “education has no end, no time limit, no age limit, no place limit”.


This point is very very important  comparing 6  points stated above.  Feel envy for others success and make ridiculous part  to others failure or  to avoid  someone in danger ,must not be an identification of a successful man. So in course of life journey help others at your level best and if you do this surely you will get success. Moreover we know,

“Every successful man   is a good human being”.

By S.K.Mahanta. West Bengal.


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