Holi the festival of colours

Holi the festival of colours

Holi is the festival of colours .  It is celebrated all over the India with great joy and enthusiasm. Holi on this day the people forget their enemity and enjoys the festival with each other . Holi is celebrated on the occasion of the dead of Holika. on peoples follow many customs and rituals of the Holi .there was also an short story of Holika behind the celebration of Holi .

Why do we celebrate Holi?

The Holi is celebrated on the occasion of the dead of Holika .she was an unkind women she had a god gift that the fire can never harm herself and she would never dead cause of fire . His brother also was a great king named Hiranyakashyap . He was also a ghost .He had defeated the gods and had taken their power . He Hates Lord Krishna because Krishna had always killed the ghosts he thinks of himself as a god . After sometime time he had a son his son was a great bhakt of Lord Krishna he always chant om narayanan but his father doesn’t like this he explained his son that his father was god but he still prays Lord Krishna .Then he thinks to kill his son he tried a lot but he always get escape . Once his sister told him that she would sit on fire with his brothers son then he would dead . He decided to do so on the next day her sister be sitted on the fire with the boy but Holika got burnt and the boy was still safe that’s the story behind this .

What are the customs and rituals followed by people in India

There is a great diversity in India people follow many customs like people make chips at home . They made a special type of sweet on Holi. The day before Holi some log of woods are burnt and people prays for their family . Before Holi ladies organize a programme on which women were invited and then they sing the ancient songs of Holi and eats and enjoy the holidays with colours . On the day of Holi people went to each other’s house and wish each other happy Holi and children play with each other with colours , water balloons and with water on the end of Holi everyone distribute sweets and their hand made chips and enjoys the festival .

Bura na Mano Holi hai

This is the famous jingle of Holi and everyone says this to everyone one Holi was really and enjoyable and the festival of happiness . This is all about the Holi I wish you all enjoy the festival with happiness and joy .






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